Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose

These Terms of Use and Additional Terms and Conditions set forth the terms that apply to your access and use of Node A-Team’s services as owned and operated by T&G Ventures (“Company”).

2. Definitions

① The following words and terms shall have the meanings set forth below when they are used in the Terms and Conditions..

  1. “Node A-Team” means blockchain node service provided by T&G Ventures.
  2. “Member” means individuals who delegated their blockchain cryptocurrency to the Company’s blockchain node service to earn rewards.
  3. “Blockchain Node Service” means service which provides cryptocurrency rewards to members who delegated their cryptocurrency to the Company’s validator node.
  4. “Validator Node” means node operated by the Company which provides cryptocurrency rewards to the members who delegated their cryptocurrency, and apply commission fee to all distributed rewards.
  5. “Cryptocurrency Wallet” means system which provides transfer, delegation and blockchain governance voting to its users.

3. Service contract and method of use

① Member can use the Company’s blockchain node service immediately after complete and successful delegation transaction, which is done by delegating cryptocurrency to validator node using the methods.

  1. Transaction using web cryptocurrency wallet
  2. Transaction using mobile cryptocurrency wallet
  3. Transaction using other computer based method

② Members may use the methods mentioned above to choose a validator or manually input validator’s cryptocurrency wallet address to use blockchain node service.

4. Content of Blockchain Node Service

① The Company provides services, in which the company compensates to members for an award that is provided by method defined by corresponding blockchain and by delegating cryptocurrency to the Company’s Validator node.
② Members will obtain cryptocurrency rewards when delegator delegate specific cryptocurrency to validator node, based on the rules defined by that specific blockchain. Individual delegators will not be guaranteed any principal sum, and fixed monetary compensation other than the cryptocurrency rewards defined by the blockchain.
③ The Company may change blockchain node service details for each blockchain, and all changes will be notified in advance via the Company’s webpage, Kakaotalk messanger, and e-mail.

5. How to use Blockchain Node Service and Compensation for using Blockchain Node Service

① The Company provides members with Blockchain Node Service by allowing each member to delegate cryptocurrencies of specific blockchains to validator node.
② The member agrees with provision of the Company’s blockchain node services by delegating cryptocurrencies from their individual cryptocurrency wallet.

Service Hours and Usage Fee

① Service hour of Blockchain Node Service is 24hours / day, with no resting days of a year unless there is a special case or crisis on the Company’s working condition, or technical problems. But Blockchain Node Service may be paused due to the Company’s operational needs for a period of time set by the Company or due to termination of service of the Company’s service providers. The Company notifies the members about pausing of the service in advance via members’ e-mail or webpage notification.
② The company may deduct any cost for provision of Blockchain Node Service from rewards that is compensated to members. The company publishes content about such deduction on the Company’s webpage. The Company may change contents about deduction due to internal and external situations with a notice in advance, and may deduct corresponding cost in accordance with such amendment since the effective date.

7. Matters to be Award of before the use of Blockchain Node Service

③ Members must be aware of the following clauses before the usage of Blockchain Node Service:

  1. Members must submit their e-mail address in order to directly receive published contents and notifications regarding Blockchain Node Service. Members can check published contents on the Company’s webpage if no e-mail address has been submitted.
  2. Members’ share of cryptocurrency is slashed with the Company’s share of cryptocurrency in case of the Company’s validator node errors.
  3. Undelegation period occurs when the member wishes to undelegated their shares from the Company’s blockchain node service, and no cryptocurrency rewards will occur during this period.

8. Termination of Blockchain Node Service

① The Company may temporarily pause or limit the usage of blockchain node service under circumstances established below clauses:

  1. Incapability of normal service provision due to fixation, maintenance, change, error, connection faults, hacking of service tools and technology
  2. Delisting of cryptocurrency directly related to blockchain node service
  3. Faulty condition of the Company or the service provider (such as termination, maintenance, error etc., of service related infrastructure) which cause impossibility of blockchain node service provision
  4. Inevitable crisis such as power outage, natural disasters, national emergencies
  5. Any other fair causes which the Company cannot provide blockchain node service for any longer

9. Obligation of the Company

① The Company abides all relevant laws and regulations, and provides members with sustainable and stable blockchain node service as stated in this Terms and Conditions.
② The Company uses personal information only for provision of blockchain node service, unless relevant laws and regulations state otherwise, establish personal information protection plans to manage such information safely.
③ The Company take immediate actions to fix infrastructure problems which may occur during any upgrade of service for stable service provision unless inevitable reasons exist.
④ The Company is responsible of notifying members of any errors in blockchain node service and relevant infrastructure errors and must take immediate actions to fix the problem.
⑤ The Company must process any reasonable and lawful inquiries and complaints from members regarding blockchain node service. The company shares result for all processed inquiries and complaints.

10. Obligation of Members

① Members must delegate cryptocurrency to the validator node
② Members must provide below information to directly receive published contents and notification of the company.

  1. Mobile phone number
  2. E-mail address

③ Members must abide relevant laws and regulations, terms and conditions, and all informed notifications of the company, and must never take any actions to hinder stable operation of blockchain node services.