Node A-Team is a Cosmos Validator Node operation service of T&G Ventures.
Node A-Team promises to provide validator node operation services at the highest quality.

Delegating your ATOM

When you are trying to delegate your ATOMs, you can use "Lunie" which is the official web wallet for Cosmos.

Currently, you can only use Lunie with Ledger Nano S to delegate, send or withdraw rewards.

The other way is using a 3rd party wallet made by "COSMOSTATION" mobile wallet.

COSMOSTATION wallet supports both Android and iOS versions. For further information, please refer to the links below.

Lunie Web Wallet
Cosmostation Mobile Wallet

About Node A-Team’s Service

We are Global Top-Tier Cosmos Blockchain Validator service.

Any ATOM holder can delegate their ATOMS to Node A-Team to earn one of the most profitable return on delegation (ROD).

Node A-Team puts providing trustworthy service to delegators as well as the growth of the Cosmos Ecosystem as top priorities for operation principles.

Key Features

Maintaining reliable validator position

- Node A-Team owns ATOMS on its own to maintain reliable validator position.
- Node A-Team prevents any behaviors that counters the benefits of delegators and Cosmos Network which can cause Slashing, such as double signing in advance.

Top level operation efficiency

- ROD may vary due to the operation efficiency of the validator.
- Node A-Team was proven to have one of the highest operation efficiencies globally through its performance at Game of Stakes (GOS).

Strong security and reliability

- Node A-Team’s security team is formed with the best security experts, and
- TIA Tier3 level datacenter as well as top quality infrastructure and operation methods.


- Node A-team participates in all governance decision making process for delegators’ benefits and on going development of Cosmos Ecosystem.
- For rational decision makings, Node A-Team transparently opens all necessary information to its delegators.

Customer Communication Channel

- Customers can contact Node A-Team through various channels at any time.
- Currently, Node A-Team can be reached through e-mail, Kakaotalk and phone, and are planning meetups at regular basis.


Michael Kim
CEO & Founder
Jeeuk Lim
Internal Operations
Jinmyung Kim
SE & Node Operations